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poisonous spiders. Progreen Termite can exterminate poisonous spiders from your home.

You’re sweeping your living room floor and suddenly, your young child lets out a scream. Eek! It’s a spider! And it’s not an ordinary spider, it’s a poisonous black widow! If this is a recurring situation in your house, don’t risk the chance of your child being bit! Call an exterminator now! Progreen Termite is here to get rid of your spider infestation!

We’ve all seen spiders and know that these eight-legged creatures have a bad reputation (Arachnophobia is not a fun movie to watch). What’s important to note is that when your home is infested with poisonous spiders, regular sprays and traps just won’t cut it. Professional exterminators will be your best bet.


Why Do I Have A Spider Infestation In My Home?


Spiders like to hide in dark, enclosed spaces where they will remain undisturbed. These spaces can be anywhere in the corners of a room, or in the garage, the attic, the vents,  in outdoor sheds, or even wood piles around your home. A spider infestation signifies that your home has another major pest problem. Spiders make their homes in areas where there is a large food source. Since their main meals are insects, you may have bigger insect problem in your house. Progreen Termite can detect the source of the infestation and will deal with both the spider and insect problem.  


Poisonous Spiders To Watch Out For

There are two poisonous spiders to watch for in your home: the brown recluse and the black widow. These spiders carry poisonous venom that can be lethal to the elderly and to children. Therefore it is imperative that you eliminate these risks from your home and keep your family safe. Spiders only bite when they are disturbed, and on rare occasions, poisonous spider bites are harmful enough to lead to death. Their venom causes extensive neural system and tissue damage (also known as necrosis), and in most cases intensive medical attention is needed.


Brown Recluse Spider


The brown recluse is a poisonous spider most known for its violin-like marking on its back. Because of the marking, the spider has earned other nicknames such as the “fiddleback spider” and the “violin spider.” Just as the name implies, brown recluse spiders are a light to dark brown shade. Many spiders are often mistaken for a brown recluse spider since some species are brown and share a similar violin-shaped marking. However, one way to differentiate the brown recluse from other species is through its eyes. A unique feature of the brown recluse is its three pairs of eyes (it has six eyes in total). Most spiders will have a pair of four eyes and have eight eyes in total. Although it may be a hard detail to spot, a brown recluse spider will stand out with this trademark. Brown recluse spiders are about half an inch to an inch long. They have a lethal venom that can lead to death and massive tissue damage when wounds are left untreated. Brown recluse spider bites are fatal to young children who do not have a strongly developed immune system.


Black Widow Spider


Black Widow spider

The black widow earned its name from its well-known mating ritual, in which the female eats the male. Most fear the female black widow since they are the ones with a poisonous bite and red markings. However, male black widows are smaller in size and are generally a tan color as opposed to black. Female black widows are about half an inch to an inch long, and have a red hourglass on its abdomen and belly area. This marking, along with its deadly venom, distinguishes the black widow from other species. It is believed that a black widow’s venom is at least 15 times stronger than rattlesnake venom. A black widow’s venom affects the nervous system and can cause nausea, dizzy spells, muscle cramps and spasms, fevers, and abdominal pain for at least a week. It is important to seek immediate medical attention when bitten by a black widow as their venom is dangerous to small children and the elderly.


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If you are dealing with poisonous spiders in your home, don’t risk getting bit! Small children and the elderly are especially at risk so don’t wait to call for help! Progreen Termite can clean out the cobweb and help you achieve peace of mind with a spider-free home! Our professional exterminators will locate the source of your poisonous spider infestation and will get rid of them immediately! Call Progreen Termite at (714) 677-8446 to schedule a free inspection with us!