Itchy bed bug bite

Are you waking up with new welts and bite marks every day? If so, you may be dealing with a bed bug issue. Bed bugs used to be a common pest problem for hotels. However, nowadays, bed bugs are common household pests as well. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, Progreen Termite here to help. Here are a few ways to detect bed bugs!


Detect Bed Bugs: What Do They Look Like?


Bed Bug

Bed bugs look like tiny, oval-shaped bugs that enlarge in size when engorged with blood from their meal. Fully adult-sized bed bugs are around 5 millimeters long with a reddish-brown color comparable to a cockroach. Adult bed bugs are viewable to the naked eye, but younger bed bugs are harder to detect.

These younger bed bugs, known as nymphs, also exhibit a lighter white or yellow translucent color. The nymphs will shed their casings as they mature into adults sized bed bugs. Bed bug eggs are also harder to detect because of its tiny size. They measure at the size of a pinhead or a small poppy seed, and are white in color. Bed bug eggs that are older than 5 days will also exhibit a red spot, called the eye spot. Keep in mind that as you do a bed bug inspection, it may be easier to spot a fully adult bed bug rather than a young nymph or bed bug eggs.


Checking Around Bedding And Furniture


Bed Mattress and Lamp. Detect Bed Bugs

If you’re checking for bed bugs in your home, a good place to start is the bedroom. You can also apply these checkpoints to hotel rooms. Are you experiencing new bug bites every day? If so, then look around your bed sheets and see if you detect any blood spots. This sign could be indicative that bed bugs are coming into your bed each night to bite, and the blood spots are likely excretions from crushed bed bugs. Check for live adult bed bugs, translucent young bed bugs, as well as its small white eggs. Also check for bed bug excrement, which can look like black ink stains from a felt marker.  


Another place to look is behind headboards as well as furniture around bedding. Bed bugs are about the size and shape of apple seeds, and can be as flat as a thin sheet of paper. This gives them the advantage of sneaking in and out of tight crevices to hide. During the day, bed bugs are usually hiding in these areas and can remain undetected to the natural eye. However, bed bugs are active during the late night hours. They keep close to bedding, furniture, and other spaces to be near their next meal.


Box springs, footboards, and mattresses tend to be breeding grounds for bed bugs nests and eggs. Check around the corners of all the furniture near the bed, including the footboards, mattresses, and box springs. Use a flashlight to check the interior corners since bed bug eggs and nymph casings can be found in these tight areas.

Inspecting Furniture


As you look around your furniture items, do a thorough check around couch corners, under cushions, between cushions, and in the seams of the couch and chairs. Do an inspection of any upholstered furniture, looking for stains from bed bug excrement. Also check any dressers and wooden furniture in the room, using a flashlight to look around corners and interior corners.


Other Areas To Inspect


Window. Detect Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can also be found in other areas such as regions with crown moulding, edges of carpeting, window corners and door frames, around wall outlets and gaps, wallpaper cracks, and curtains. One important note is that bed bugs are able to travel in a radius of at least 20 feet to find their next food source. This is one reason why the bug is able to travel so easily from host to host by hitchhiking on different sources such as clothing, luggage, backpacks, and such items.

If you are inspecting your home and you come to find bed bugs, call an exterminator immediately. If you are in a hotel, call the hotel manager and show them the area right away. Remove your items from the room after doing a thorough inspection of your belongings. The sooner you are able to detect the bed bugs, the sooner you can get rid of them. Call Progreen Termite today to get professional bed bug extermination!


Progreen Termite Can Help!


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Progreen Termite is here to target and eliminate every home intruder and nasty bed bug infestation! Our professional exterminators know where these bed bugs like to hide and breed, and we’ll use powerful tools to detect and destroy every nest. We’ll hunt down the source of your infestation and make sure these nasty critters don’t return, giving you a night of peaceful sleep. Call now at (714) 677-8446 and schedule a free inspection with us!