It’s the summer season! What is supposed to be a fun and delightful season can easily turn into a nightmare if you’re dealing with a perpetual ant problem in your home. Waking up each morning to swarms of ants in your kitchen is no pleasant experience. No matter how you try to get rid of them, they always seem to come back another way! Progreen Termite is here to give you some tips to get rid of those ants!


How To Kill Ants! Get Rid Of Them With These Tips!


How To Kill Ants. Ant Up closeWhen it comes to ant deterrence and natural ant killers, there are multiple methods that you can go with. Here are just a few natural remedies for the ant invasions in your home

1. Dish Soap and Water

The first method to try is creating a spray using a liquid mixture of dish soap and water. Not only is this a simple solution, but it is a great household remedy that uses products you will already have at home! This is also a kid-friendly and pet-friendly solution, so you won’t need to worry about where you apply the mixture.

First, take a cup of water and mix it with about a teaspoon of liquid dish soap. Then, take the liquid mixture and put in a spray bottle. You can then use this liquid solution as an effective way to kill ants immediately on the spot. Find the access points where the ants are coming in and use the spray as a way to destroy scent trails. The dish soap and water mixture will get rid of the ants while keeping your household surfaces clean. You can also add essential oils such as citrus oils, peppermint oil, and cinnamon oil to add extra potency. Ants don’t take well to these smells and the oils will create a natural barrier and deterrent to these home invaders. Try this effective spray to keep your household feeling clean and fragrant while you get rid of your household pests!

2. Boiling Water


Another easy and effective way to kill ants is with boiling water from a kettle. If you suspect that your ant problem is coming from outdoors, go outside and try to find the ant hill in your yard. The ant hill will look like a small mound of dirt with an opening in the middle. The small mound may look like a crater and the tunnel opening (especially if there are ants coming in and out of the opening) is a dead give-away that this is the access point you are looking for.

After locating the hill, boil a kettle of water and carry it with you to the mound. Pouring boiling hot water into the ant hill’s opening chamber is an effective method of killing the colony. The burning hot water will cause the nest to collapse and destroy a majority, if not all, of the colony. Unfortunately, this method is only an effective tool if you find that the source of your ant problems are coming from the outside. If you find that the source of your ant problems are from the interior of your home, then you can try a bait and trap method.


3. Baking Soda and Powdered Sugar

How To Kill Ants. baking powder and sugar

Another method to try is creating your own bait. Instead of buying ant traps, you can create your own solution with household items. Baking soda and powdered sugar look similar and ants are unable to tell the difference. To create the trap, create a mix of equal parts baking soda and powdered sugar. Then take the mixture and leave it in several different access points and areas where the ants are coming from.

This is a slow-kill method, which means that it will take some time for you to see the extensive effect. However, it is a powerful method in eliminating the ants. The ants will be attracted to the powdered sugar and will take the substance along with the baking soda back to their nest. Eating the baking soda will poison the ants and the entire colony slowly. A large portion of the colony will be killed off and you may even be able to kill its queen through this method.


In the case where none of these methods are working for your household, then call a professional exterminator immediately! Getting rid of pests is what we do! If you’ve exhausted all your options, we’re here to give you a helping hand!


Progreen Termite Can Help!


How To Kill Ants. Call Progreen Termite.


Progreen Termite is here to help you rid your home of its ant invasion!  Our professional exterminators know how to detect ant hills, nests, and access points for these home invaders. We’ll use powerful tools to detect and destroy every colony! We’ll close every access point so that no ant will be able to enter your home again! Call now at (714) 677-8446 and schedule a free inspection with us!