Getting Rid of Rats with Rodent Control

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Eek! Did you find a rat scurrying around in your cupboard? Has this happened to you more than once?  Ratatouille is a cute family movie, but it’s not so charming in real life. Having rodents in your home can cause real health problems for you and your family. Rodents can carry dangerous diseases and you don’t want to wait until you start finding a family rats living in your home! Call Progreen Termite and Rodent Control for help! We’ll get rid of the rodents that are causing havoc in your home!


Need Rodent Control? Signs That You Have A Rodent Problem


Do you suspect you may have rodents running around in your home? If you’re unsure, here are some clues to look for these problematic pests. Progreen Termite and Rodent Control is able to help you detect if your home has a rodent infestation!

1. Rat Droppings

Rat droppings look like small black pellets that are oblong-shaped. If there are more than a few rats in the home, there will be a concentrated area of rat pellets and droppings. Sometimes rats will even climb into your cars, so you can check your vehicle for rat droppings as well.  

2. Scratching Noises 

Have you heard any scratching noises in the middle of the night? Sounds like scene from of a horror film, but it’s not a ghost that’s haunting your home. Sometimes these sounds can come from the attic or inside your walls and are a likely indicator that there is a rat crawling around in your home.

3. Markings

 Rats and mice have fur that can easily pick up dirt and grime. As they travel, they can leave behind deposits of dirt that will be noticeable. Rodents tend to travel in pathways that are routine for them. When looking for signs, examine your home and see if there are any black smudges in areas where rats could travel.

4. Gnaw Marks

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Rodents, especially rats, will chew on wiring and wood. This could cause problems in the long run if rats chew through important wirings in the home or in your vehicle. Your car may not be able to start and replacing the wiring in your home will be a major pain for your wallet. If you find any chew marks on your wood or wires, this will confirm that you have a rodent problem in the home.


Types of Rodents


Do you know what types of rodents are causing problems in your home? The most common culprits are mice and rats. They are very different from one another and there are a few ways to tell the difference between the two. Here are the main types of mice and rats that invade a home.

1. House Mouse


The house mouse, also known as the domestic house mouse, is a common pest that is found in homes. These mice have bigger ears and smaller body than a rat. House mice have round bodies that are around 2 to 4 inches long. They are nocturnal creatures and can be found scurrying around the corners of cluttered areas and in areas underneath appliances.

2. Norway Rat


Norway rats are also known as brown rats or the common rat. It was originally thought that these rats were from Norway, which is how the species got its name. However, it is now believed that these rats originated from Asia. Norway rats have become prevalent in every continent except Antarctica. These pests are significantly larger than mice. They have a longer body that measures from 7 to 10 inches and have smaller eyes and smaller ears. The Norway rat carries a number of pathogens which can result in disease such as rat bite fever, Q fever, Weil’s disease, and more.

3. Roof Rat

Black roof rat. Progreen Termite and Pest Control

Roof rats are also called black rats because of their dark-coloured fur. These rats are smaller in size compared to the norway rat and areoften found in attics. The roof rat has a pointed nose and smaller ears. For this reason they are often confused with mice. Roof rats are especially good climbers and will be found in high ceilings and places above ground level.






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Most rodents carry dangerous pathogens that can cause disease and illness so take caution! If you find a rat, mouse, or a rodent in your home, don’t just set up a mouse trap. Get a proper home inspection from Progreen Termite and Pest Control! We’ll hunt down those problematic rodents in your home and get rid of them for you! Don’t wait until someone in your family gets sick from deadly disease. Call Progreen Termite and Pest Control at 714-677-8446!







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