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Ant Control

Not only are ants one of the most common and prolific pests of all time, but they are one of the most persistent as well. When it comes to eliminating ants in the home what most people do is buy an expensive & extremely toxic spray poison from the neighborhood grocery store, treat only the areas in which they see such as the visible ant trail along the ground or walls, then assume they are not going to come back.

That assumption is wrong, and you just wasted your money on an over-the-counter ant control solution when you need a bonafide ant control exterminator!

Quit using all the paper towels in your home to clean up the leftover toxic messes and dead bugs. There is a reason why professional ant control companies like us exist. It is because we have experience, a wide variety of compounds and solutions for the job, & a proper extraction method for any type of bug or pest. WE ARE PREPARED!

Controlling Ants The Right Way

In order to effectively treat your ant problem, We, as experienced ant exterminators, first need to identify which type of Formicidae we are dealing with. Why? Because there are over 1,000 different types of ant species just in North America alone and each species has its own certain habitual patterns and way of doing things.

Once we have identified which species of ant is causing your nuisance we can administer the proper protocol and hunt your problem down to the source instead of just spot treating a few areas inside and outside of the home. Make no mistake, we will do spot treatments where necessary as well but we mainly concentrate on eliminating ants at the source in order to achieve more long term success in the ant extermination race we all fight everyday.

Which Ants Do I Have?

Some ants in North America are more prominent than others and it depends dramatically on your geography, location, and immediate home surroundings in regards to which species you will encounter and why but we have narrowed down a few Formicidae that you need to be familiar with as California Residents:

Argentine Ants – If this was 15 years ago in California We would be starting off this lesson on the Carpenter Ant, which used to be the dominant species in The Golden State, but since then the Argentine Ant has taken over with little resistance due to their ability to form super colonies and co-exist peacefully with their own. In Fact, if you live on the California coastline, chances are your home is built right upon our very own super-colony that exists here in Southern California. You can identify this species by their 2-3 mm length and light to dark brown appearance.

Why Are Argentine Ants Taking Over?

As mentioned before, Linepithema humile, or Argentine Ants, have the ability to form super colonies regardless of any distance between them, even continents!

You see, ants are naturally defensive and aggressive creatures that adhere very closely to their own version of Formicidae species and if they sense any type of threat or outside interruption to the colony they will attempt to eliminate the threat. However, Argentine Ants possess an ability to recognize the same members of a colony much better than the other ant species which reduces stress on the colony as a whole, minimizes conflict, and encourages uninterrupted symbiotic growth. Simply put, they know friend from foe better than the other ants and work more efficiently in unison with each other causing them to overcome other species and even entire ecosystems.

Carpenter Ants – If you have run into a larger ant with a heart shaped head then chances are you are looking at a carpenter ant. Nicknamed after their love of wood as a home and shelter for their colony, Carpenter Ants can generally be found around dead wood areas of the home and surrounding property. This species comes with many different forms of coloration and this makes them more difficult to identify by those visual metrics.

Pharaoh Ants – or, Monomorium pharaonis are a yellowish-orangeish color and vary in sizes. If you are prone to spilling in your kitchen or leaving sweet drinks anywhere inside or out, expect a visit from your local pharaoh.

You see, no matter what the species of ant that is plaguing your home or business we have your back here at ProGreen. Our knowledge in this industry surpasses many “Name-Brand” ant control companies and we can prove it with results.