Tiny termites cause huge damage and rodents introduce disease and bacteria into the innards of your home. Call ProGreen today to eradicate these pests in an eco-friendly way.





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We offer a 24/7 rodent and pest control service with a strong capacity to take on the most invasive of pests. We eliminate termites, roaches, spiders, rodents & more with an eco friendly but effective line up of compounds that are designed to be as non-toxic as possible to humans or pets.


Our company takes pride in our dedication to providing a pest control service that truly saves them money in the long run. We too often see homes that are fully infested with pests and critters that depreciate the structure of your home investments and commercial buildings. Do not be a victim of a controllable circumstance and schedule a maintenance plan today.


ProGreen isn’t just your safest pest prevention company, We’re your friendliest too! All of your technicians are well trained and eager to answer an questions you have in regards to getting rid of your bugs and vermin.


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Our Work Flow


First, we will inspect your home for any type of insect pests or large vermin. We will also look for structural damage that may be related to pest infestation.


Next, we will advise you on your eradication options and eliminate your pest problem while leaving some prevention methods in place.


Last, we will remove any insect or rodent leftover presence and schedule a maintenance plan with you to help in the prevention of any future infestations.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Having so many years in this business we have heard plenty of questions by our existing and prospective clients. Allow us to share some of the more common inquiries we get often.

Please feel free to send us any additional questions through our contact form and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

Professional Pest Prevention vs OTC (Over-The-Counter)


Do not spray over the counter chemicals into your home that leave behind harmful toxic residue. These chemicals are often expensive, highly poisonous to humans and pets,and only a temporary fix to a more lasting problem. Professional Pest Prevention from ProGreen will kill bugs and rodents dead at their source.


What is your turn around time?


Our turn around time for pest eradication varies by what type of pest we are controlling and how big the current infestation is. You will typically see results in just a few days but larger infestation can take several weeks for a total eradication and removal.

How purposeful is pest prevention?

Pest prevention after an initial round of extermination is critical to ensuring a large infestation never happens again. We work to create a negative environment for the pests and a positive environment for you. Be sure to schedule your monthly or semi-monthly inspections and prevention kits.

My Anaheim home was infested with spiders and all kinds of insects from top to bottom. I had bites on my legs and so did my children so I said enough. I called ProGreen and within a few days we were back at home spider free and pest free. Thank You ProGreen for helping us sleep comfortably again.

Jennifer Mack

Greg at ProGreen helped me clear two warehouses I own of rodents and insects. I have used their prevention plan for 5 months now after the fact and I am seeing a huge visible difference in the reduction of insects and haven’t seen one rat since. I highly recommend ProGreen Pest Control.

Luke Morris

I have a long history with ProGreen & using their services. They must have done over 50 servicings for me now between all of my rental properties and my personal home in Los Angeles. I particularly enjoy the fact that I don’t smell anything toxic in my home after they’re done.

Michael Davis

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