General Pest Control

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Pest Control by ProGreen

Professional. Reliable. On-schedule. ProGreen Pest Control is there when we need us. Our big fleet of certified technicians means NO long wait times when it comes to your vermin or insect problems.

If your searching for an Eco Friendly pest control service, you’ve found one!

Eco Friendly Pest Control

Different companies have various approaches to what formulas they use for pest extraction sprays and prevention. ProGreen chooses to use 100% Eco Friendly pest control compounds to minimize damage to the environment and you. Our experienced technicians are trained to minimize any residual sprays or traps in regards to your health without compromising effectiveness. Vermin and insects track diseases with them. Don’t become a victim of residual pest waste and disease.

Please minimize contact with any chemicals and leave it to the pros for proper extraction of any full traps. Schedule a maintenance plan today.

Spider Control

Spiders can be found anywhere inside or outside the home so you will want to have your entire property checked for colonies that can spread. Spiders such as the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse are notorious for being found inside homes, especially in California. They have a reputation for biting humans and the physical aftermath of a spider bite of that nature requires medical attention and should not be ignored. Pets are also vulnerable to spiders due to their exploratory nature and ability to get in smaller spaces.

If you have a spider infestation call us today to make the spiders go away!

Rodent Control

Rodents such as mice, rats, raccoons, & opossums leave behind some of those most filthy diseased environments everywhere they go. You can hear them, you can smell them, and you cant always see them. If you suspect even a single rodent in your home call a pest control technician from ProGreen immediately. We can help you prevent one family of rodents from becoming several and deploy some prevention methods to help prevent anymore from coming back.

Roach Control

Roaches are another common infestation found often inside the home and can be very unsightly and unsanitary to have around you, your food supply, and your children. Roaches are very loud and noticeable during day and night time as they do not mind scuttling around even during high periods of traffic. Roaches leave dropping in inconvenient places and can spread their germs and disease along the walls, especially cabinets where it is dark and concealed.

Termite Control

Termites can be the most devastating thing to happen to your home next to an earthquake or tornado, only they happen over time and are more silent structure killers. Replacing termite damage is sometimes impossible as the damage to your dwelling may be too far gone. You can eradicate the infestation but you cant replenish the wood, only replace the wood fully, if you let termite damage go on for too long. This type of repair can be very costly as you may need additional safety permits , inspections from your local or state governments, and licensed contractors to handle that work for you at a premium cost.

No matter what the pest, ProGreen can help. If you suspect a rodent or insect problem get a free inspection fast from an eco friendly technician certified in effective and pest control for California residents!