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Pre-treatment to avoid post-treatment is the preferred way to go when it comes to new construction termite prevention. There are actually a few different methods that must take place to best prevent any pests or insects from approaching the building during pre-construction. A ProGreen representative will be able to walk you through the process from start to finish.

Pre-treating The Soil

Treating the soil is one of the first places we would begin. Placing a barrier of insecticides in between the foundation of the building and any potential subterranean termite infestations that may be waiting to populate on your jobsite is essential to preventing major issues during the various construction stages. Also, effectively treating any wood that must remain within the foundation is highly recommended and will be done to increase the longevity of those building components. Using wood pre-treated for termite control is ideal as well as using proper elevation techniques on your structure to create a barrier between your home and the termites.

Drilling will occur at critical points to inject termite specific insecticide for future prevention up to 5 years or more. Trenching may also be necessary where we will create a barrier of insecticide around the perimeter of the home.

Remaining Pre-Construction Compliant

Termite issues can be the most costly when it comes to new construction mainly because having to halt a job site because of an infestation that could have been prevented is costly in man hours such as labor and management, repair and replacement of the infested lumber, and additional inspections by all superiors. Building specification requirements by local and federal governments require these treatments to take place so be sure to contact a certified technician like ProGreen for a consultation. If you neglect the foundation portion of the work site then you may never rid yourself of termites so prevention truly is the key to having a longstanding building. Termites are expert diggers and colonizers and they will prey on every opportunity to make your lumber their next meal and home!

ProGreen will be with you every step of the way for your pre-construction termite and pest prevention. We are familiar with all of the stages of new construction and have a prevention method prepared for every situation. Should your job site have a pest problem already we can handle that too.

Our certified pest technicians are prepared for any job. Contact us today to get a quote on maintaining a pest free work site!


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