Rodent Control

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Need to get rid of Rodents?

Rodents are a filthy nuisance to any home or building owner. If you even remotely think you have a rodent problem be prepared to deal with the other issues that are commonly associated with them including leftover rodent dens and waste, disease, strong smells, and even annoying noise that can keep you up at night. If you are being plagued by these vermin call ProGreen today to eradicate this fast spreading problem before their animal waste product and disease makes it way far into the inner walls of your home or dwelling. Rodents can multiply fast and even waiting just one week after first contact with a rodent can bring several more within a few weeks time.

Multiplication is inevitable with rodents unless you tackle the problem fast and this includes rats, mice, vermin, skunks, opossums, raccoons and more!

Diseases Associated With Rodents & Vermin

Rats and vermin are commonly associated with tracking disease everywhere they go. Let’s examine some of these diseases that are harmful to humans and pets alike that you are made susceptible to when you have a rodent problem.

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome: Have you ever been in a home and even remotely smelled rat urine or droppings? Chances are you were exposed to Hantavirus without even knowing it. It is a dangerous pulmonary sickness commonly spread through the dust floating through the air that has been contaminated with rat urine or rat droppings. You can acquire this disease through direct contact as well as inhalation of course and it is highly noticeable due to the extremely pungent smell of rat urine.

If you smell the presence of rats or vermin, chances are it’s time to call a professional that can handle them in a sanitary manner and eliminate the problem so you and your children don’t need to inhale dangerous waste any more. 

Plague: THAT’S RIGHT! Rats and vermin track plague with them too. Commonly spread through fleas and ticks who make their way from vermin skin to yours, the plagues and various fevers spread from rodents can be very dangerous not just to humans but to your pets as well who are none the wiser about spreading it to you. Be careful of your food and water sources if you have a rodent issue as vermin waste can make its way into your supply and infect you that way.

Rodent Solutions by ProGreen

Get rid of rodents in a fast and coordinated manner with ProGreen Rodent Removal Services. We will help you with identifying which rodent issue you have as well as educating you on your solutions to immediate eradication and overall future prevention of rodents and their diseases making their way into your home.