Termite Control

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Eco-Friendly Termite Control from ProGreen

If you need an eco-friendly solution to your harmful termite problem than look no further. Our certified termite and pest control technicians at ProGreen can diagnose your subterranean or dry-wood termite problem and deploy the correct control method while maintaining a conservative approach to how much chemicals we need to use. Your familys health and well being is our primary concern before eradicating bugs. If we need to do a complete fogging of the house to ensure eradication of the termites our consultants will notify you and allow you adequate time to prepare your belongings.

Please be sure to inspect all belongings you bring back into the home after fumigation as insect eggs can be found anywhere depending on how bad the initial infestation.

Termite Control Methods

Complete treatment of termites depends on the willpower of the homeowner and expertise of your certified pest technician, like us here at ProGreen. There are several different stages to prevention of future infestations. If you keep up on your prevention methods you will see a noticeable difference.

Treating The Soil

We highly recommend soil treatment when it comes to overall prevention of future infestations. Trenching will take place around the foundation of the home in which we will fill soil treated with termiticide, or a termite specific compound used for eradication of the many different species of termites. This barrier will discourage any subterranean termites from traveling in the direction of the home and burrowing further towards your critical foundation. Not only will this help prevent any termites from entering through subterranean methods but it will aid in the elimination of any termites that are trying to make their way back to the soil to multiply that are already inside of your home.

Treating The Wood

Pre-construction wood treatment is one measure that is taken place to ward off termite infestations for as long as possible but what about if you have an infestation after the fact? No worries! We have a variety of eco friendly surface sprays that we can use to target existing colonies inside your home. However, these compounds do not last forever and you must maintain upkeep on the application of these sprays.

Unfortunately, termites will always persist into your foundation over-time but we have prevention down to a science and can ensure you have the best chances at prolonging and preventing further termite damage to your structure. 

Laying The Termite Traps

Good ol’ fashioned termite traps still work and we will set plenty around the perimeter of your home to attract termites to instead of your hardwood and foundation. This prevention method is critical to providing a shield of protection around your home as well as inside of your dwelling to catch any termites that have made their way in past outside prevention methods. Our ProGreen eco friendly technicians will check these traps often to monitor your termite situation closely, and if necessary, advise more invasive prevention methods.


Termite Control