Termite Inspection

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ProGreen Termite Inspection

The termite inspection process from ProGreen begins at the base of your home, most commonly where hardwood meets the ground. Since termites are subterranean as well as tree and open wood dwellers it is important to identify the presence of any subterranean termites first as they can be the hardest to detect and kill. If you have a crack in your foundation or plumbing system allowing entry into the dwelling termites will find it and infest fast to claim their food source and territory. Termites originating from the soil do not necessarily have visible signs of infestation such as mud tubes from the outside of the home so it is very important to thoroughly inspect the foundation wood from the basement and any crawl holes from within the home. If there is termite presence,  we’ll find it!

Home Termite Inspection

Drywood Termites, or termites that dwell inside of the wood instead of the soil, will also be inspected for in the supporting columns, beams, drywall sections, and any other wooden structure within the home. The perimeter trees of your property will also be inspected for termite specific damage as well as your yard for any visible mounds or discarded wings produced by termites. If you have an attic we will search that as well. Often termites will run along the perimeter of the insides of the wall and make their way up before they make their way out.

If you have a porch or a wrap around deck spanning the perimeter of your home always be sure to inspect for termites more often as these structures are load bearing and termite damage can compromise the integrity of the structure quicker than the wood and concrete foundation. If you can take your knife and dig into your wood to find holes and rot, chances are you have termites if all the other methods of detection have failed. If the swarm gets large enough you can hear the sound of the colony at work inside your walls.

Commercial Termite Inspection

Commercial building owners must keep on top of their inspections and termite prevention due to the exponentially larger costs of repairing commercial structures and foundations. The square footage alone of common commercial buildings allows termites to go unnoticed for very long periods of time and without hindrance. If you have a tenant this could be bad for their business and look poorly upon your management responsibilities. Not to mention termites will literally be eating at your investment as ewll inviting any other rodents or pests into the premises by providing pathways from the foundation.

Do not let your termite situation get out of control. If you do, You may be looking at a much larger repair bill than a manageable and affordable prevention bill. Call ProGreen today to schedule your free consultation from an ECO- friendly company.


Termite Inspection