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TAP Insulation

When people think of roof and wall insulation they hardly think of pest control too. Every few years with the evolving industry of home construction and pest prevention, We, as home pest service experts, are delighted with a truly innovative product to offer that we feel can improve the quality of your living situation drastically and this year that product is TAP insulation.

What Is TAP Insulation?

TAP stands for Thermal Acoustical Pest-Control, a multifunctional type of insulation originally used just for attic spaces and roof areas but now available for your whole home that serves several purposes:

Thermal – TAP Insulation first serves as a means to controlling and regulating the temperature inside of your home. Regulating the temperature in your home is more than just controlling how comfortable you feel when inside, it is also about preserving the structure of your home over time. To explain further, depending on where you live, the lumber and supportive structures of your home are susceptible to expansion and contraction over time. If the internal temperature of your home is left improperly regulated, the extreme low temperatures inside of your home during winter and the excessive heat during summer time periods can cause more expansion and contraction. Multiply those extremes over the course of a few decades and you could be looking at a looser structure which will inevitably need to be replaced sooner.

The lack of improper insulation could also lead to a high amount of moisture buildup, which could lead to further structure degradation and other issues like mold which can be dangerous to your health.

Acoustical – There is almost no point to buying a home investment if you are still susceptible to the nonsense noise pollution of the outside world. Let’s face it, when we buy a home, or go home, we expect some peace and quiet inside and around the home, but even the most civil of neighbors make loud noise. One neighbor may have a newborn baby, another neighbor might like to work on his car and play loud music. Whatever your reason is for wanting a reduced noise environment inside of your home WE’RE WITH YOU and so is TAP Insulation.

Pest Control – The inner fibers of your TAP Insulation will be pretreated with a specialized borate compound designed to attack an insect from the inside out. Borate is an often used chemical used in the eradication of common household insects in small or large quantities. If an insect does happen to make its way to the inner section of your walls it will come in contact with this borate solution and ultimately consume it during their natural grooming process killing the bug.

Energy-Star Certified Insulation

What does it mean when you have an energy-star certified insulation in your home? Most of us are used to seeing ‘Energy-Star Certified” on common household electronics such as tv’s and computers but the EPA certifies all types of goods and services based off of strict criteria. That criteria is designed to protect you not only as a consumer but also as a human being too!

First, to be energy star qualified, products must exhibit a nationwide benefit of significant energy savings as well as increased energy efficiency. In terms of the almighty dollar, if the ES Certified Product costs more than a “Conventional Counterpart”, than the ES Certified Product must show savings in the form of reduced energy costs within a reasonable time frame. The technology should also be part of a free trade market and not a monopolized product only available by one manufacturer.

Any Energy-Star Certified Product or any product that plans on being energy star certified in the future also has to physically verify and demonstrate with evidence that the product does provide the benefits claimed. 

So as you can see, when it comes to TAP Insulation you are in good hands and making the best choice in regards to insulating your home and protecting it from pests at the same time. If you have any more questions on TAP Insulation contact a ProGreen representative today.