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What Is Termidor?

Termidor is comprised of a special chemical called Fipronil. Fipronil is a decades proven broad spectrum insecticide used in the effective eradication of several different species of insects. Since we only use proven extermination methods here at ProGreen Termite, Termidor is our go to compound for pest prevention and keeping you bug free. Termidor also leaves behind little to no door so as not to disturb your home environment.

Termidor Provides Long Lasting Protection For Your Home

If you are searching for a termite control solution that does not involve you having to leave your home for extended periods of time, try Termidor.

It is an effective termite extermination compound applied by a ProGreen technician that will attack your termite infestation at the source. It will be directly applied to the strongest visible point of the infestation, and wherever else necessary, and termites will spread it among each other none the wiser. This special compound allows insects to spread it through their colonies and it is fully tasteless, odorless, and invisible to termites. Each individual insect becomes a transporter for the toxin and before long the entire infestation will be belly up.

In situations where we can avoid a full tenting and fumigation of the home we would use Termidor. It is more cost-effective, faster, safer, and can be just as effective as tent extermination for extreme cases.